Ridgecrest, CA

Ridgecrest Roller Derby is a California 501c3 Non Profit Organization. The team was founded in 2017, by a handful of women with very little in common, except for our shared determination to build a team from the ground up.

Roller derby is unique in it's ability to unite people from all walks of life, and roller derby in Ridgecrest is no exception. We began as a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds, with very different lives - some long-time residents, some military wives, some recent transplants. We defined ourselves as women often do - as wives, mothers, sisters, daughters. We used our day jobs to explain ourselves - accountants, bankers, engineers, entrepreneurs, military wives, nurses, pharmacists, scientists teachers etc. We had different communication styles and ideas but we came together to work towards a common goal - building a team. We found ourselves driven in ways many of us never had been before - to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and to surpass our own limits. As we continue to develop into better derby players, we become stronger physically and mentally every time we lace up. We believe that ugly attitudes and hateful competition between women is an outdated practice that keep everyone from reaching their full potential.

Bombshell Betties believe in women empowering other women. We believe that a success for one women is a success for all women. Many of us were taught to be polite, demure, pleasant and compliant, and that there was nothing ladylike about sweating or playing competitive, aggressive sports. Through roller derby, we've learned that other women aren't automatically enemies, even if they are rivals.... they are women who love the sport as much as we do. We know that sometimes, it feels really good to knock our friends down, and that it always feels good to be able to help another woman back to her feet. We believe that forming these kind of relationships and bonds with other women is amazing and special, and empowers us all. We believe that attitude is more important than skills, and that if you can help another woman straighten her crown without letting the world know you helped her....well then you're the real MVP.