Bombshell Bootcamp

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Bombshell Betty? Are you a female at least 18 y/o? Come on out for our Fresh Meat program! Fresh Meat Bootcamp is a rigorous training program for women ages 18 and older, designed to create, condition, and mold competitive roller derby athletes! Don't know how to skate? We will teach you!


Upcoming Events

Meet and Greet: Coming June 2020

Open House: Coming August 2020

Bombshell Bootcamp will start in September 2020. Dates to be announced soon!


Please download and read these files. Bring all required files and materials with you on the first night of tryouts.

You don't have to spend a fortune to come out and skate however you will need to bring all of the items listed for your safety. We do have a limited supply of loaner gear available on first come first serve basis. Please let us know if you will need loaner gear until you can purchase your own.

For gently used gear we recommend you check out this facebook page:

  • Roller Derby Recyclables

Check out our sponsors pages for "Fresh Meat Packages" at a discounted rate.



Must be an impact helmet. Bicycle helmet will not be acceptable.

Elbow Pads.jpg

Elbow Pads

When you fall harder, these pads will protect your elbows and arms.

Green shirt.jpg

Green Shirt

Any green shirt with your name on it.



Available in various sizes, thickness and colors. Gotta protect that beautiful smile!

Wrist Guards.png

Wrist Guards

Out of instinct, we use our hands to stop our falls. These will help, until your used to falling properly.

Good Attitude.jpg

Good Attitude

Don't beat yourself down,

Knee Pads.jpg

Knee Pads

You will fall, and knee pads will cushion your impact so you can get up and keep skating.


Quad Skates

A pair of quad roller skates. We recommend trying on a pair before you buy online as sizing varies.


Lots of Water

Trust me, you'll get thirsty.